November 24, 2016


We have an air compressor suitable to drive 1-2 of our air presses.

This compressor is available to rent for $25 per month + $80 for freight, dispatch, return and setting up in our system. This $80 + GST needs to be paid before the compressor is sent out as an understanding of the terms and conditions the compressor is being supplied on. The price to buy a new compressor as at November 2016 is $580 + GST. This comes with a 3 year guarantee providing maintained as per Owner’s Manual. We never sell rental equipment including heat presses and compressors. We work with a third party on renting the equipment, and selling the rented equipment is not an option.

Other than bleeding the machine, the compressor is virtually maintenance free. Bleeding is opening the air valve to allow the moisture in the tanks to be expelled. If you don’t do this, the moisture condenses into water and eventually fills the tank, diminishing the amount of compressed air that can be in the tank. Also, it can rust out the compressed air tank. It is important that this air valve is opened so the air can blast out the moist air inside every 1-2 days without exception. It is important to have the compressor sitting level and sucking its air from the outside. If for example it sucks air from an industrial atmosphere (e.g. an embroidery factory) there is oil in the air by virtue of the embroidery equipment, and over time this will be sucked into the compressor and will diminish its working life.