DK 20S

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Sale Price: $3500.00 + GST
(Subject to current exchange / freight rate) 
For HPM vinyl customers

Rental Price: $110.00 + GST (Per Month)
For HPM vinyl customers

Rental Price: $143.00 + GST (Per Month)
For non HPM vinyl customers

Example Quote: 

We sell this press at the same price as the manufacturer’s price (USD $1575 Ex their door) on their website

Product Links

  1. Warranty Information
  2. YouTube Promo
  3. Brochure
  4. Owners Manual
  5. Compliance with New Zealand Electrical Standards & Laws
  6. Printable Flyer
  7. Accessories
  8. Manufacturers DK20S description
  9. Replacement Controller
  10. Replacement element for top heater
  11. Complete replacement top heater
  12. All the above prices 1-11 only apply to our media customers – higher prices for non vinyl purchases.

In order to prevent injury to the operator or damage to the press during use, prior to use please carefully read the Owners Manual.

Any unauthorised repairs will void the warranty.

Questions & Answers:

Does this press swing away to the left or right?

This press can be adjusted to swing either to the left or the right

This press is manufactured by GeoKnight USA

Technical Info